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About us


On the 21st July 2015, it was announced in the London Gazette, that Manhattan Showers Ltd. would be placed into creditors voluntary liquidation - the company is currently going through the liquidation process and as a result Manhattan Showers Ltd. is currently in the hands of the liquidators.
Although this was sad and unwelcome news a small number of then, employees of Manhattan Showers, recognised that there was still an ongoing and very real demand for Manhattan Showers spare parts.
This team of innovators were able to secure Manhattan Showers stock of original spare parts from the liquidators and together those now, ex-employees of Manhattan Showers, have developed a strategy designed to fulfil this ongoing demand - their strategy being based on a very simple notion, that customers require a quick and efficient service at prices they can afford, whilst being supported by a team of individuals who have more than 20 years of combined experience.
It is the aim of the newly named ManhattanSpares and its team to continue to supply Manhattan Showers spare parts to customers via our web shop.
This website (ManhattanSpares) is run and administered by ex-employees of Manhattan Showers Ltd. and is in  no way associated with Manhattan Showers Ltd. in any other way, except as described above. As a result ManhattanSpares nor any of its employees are responsible for any agreements, payments, debts or payments owing and discussions relating to any previous business between you the 'customer' and Manhattan Showers Ltd. Furtherance any questions and/or concerns about any of the above should be addressed via the Liquidators.
The team at ManhattanSpares are  dedicated and determined to ensure that all historic customers wherever possible are supported and it is with this in mind that our ethos is to provide the best possible service to all.